TransFormal 2014

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Transformal was everything the hype others who had attended previous years said it would be. I had an absolute ball and don't have any criticisms. I was made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived at the Carrington. I just hope others provide similar feedback and Amanda is happy to organise it again next year!

 I really hope you can hire the same band in future years. They were perfect for the job - less intrusive in the early stages but winding up as the evening progressed. The dance floor was a bit small, but I would not change the venue for this minor handicap.

I hope Amanda, Megan and all who helped to put Transformal 2014 together are very proud of their efforts and know that all their hard work is very much appreciated.

I don't think the Carrington staff could possibly be any more helpful, accepting and respectful. They are wonderful.

The weather was absolutely perfect. The evenings were mild, the sunny days a joy.

Previous friendships were rekindled, new friendships were forged and our ever expanding network of gender diversity was taken to a new level.

All the activities were fun, informative and worthy of mention but Saturday night at the Formal was over and above all expectations. As last year the band was a perfect mix of great songs, lots of fun and we were still able to hold conversations at the tables, a tick in every box.

Not a black mark to be found.

Thanks to all.


 3 days is not long enough. let's make it a week long event! Just kidding of course.

The whole event was very well done. I particularly enjoyed the wine tasting on Friday and in fact, as it was my first time ever in public, I found a glass of wine extremely helpful in settling my nerves.