TransFormal 2013

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Transformal, irrespective of the year is a joy to behold.
In a lifetime of doubts, guilt, shame, challenges around being trans, Transformal shines like a beacon, beckoning all and sundry to gather at one place.
Transformal is a place to meet old friends, make new friends, a place where we, for one weekend in the year can truly be ourselves, without guilt.
For one weekend in the year we can thumb our noses at the unaccepting side of society and feel good about ourselves, more, we can take pride in ourselves.


I've just arrived back home to Canberra. I spent the whole drive back reflecting on what a wonderful weekend we all just shared. It was great to catch up with those of you I had the privilege of meeting last year... and also wonderful to meet so many new people this time round. I didn't think it was possible, but for me, this Transformal was even better than last year's.

There really is just not anything that compares to the opportunity to connect with people face to face. The diversity of people, and the positive vibe of complete acceptance made those connections even more powerful, real and special.

I was really inspired by the engagement people had with the TQ&A panel and the follow up discussion. I really think that the discussions we started this year are the beginning of something very powerful and exciting.

The weekend had many aspects to it. The wine tasting was marvelous! great tastes and local produce nibbles! Reception dinner, quiz and the heart rendering short films what a start!
Next day of presentation/workshops, discussions, what substance! On to lunch with friends new and old more workshops/chats, then the wonderful glam, yum food, and dynamic band at the formal yes I was the crazy dancer just can't help myself when I hear good music!
Thank you one and all, sitting with friends later on the night, it was so apparent how warm our hearts felt for the experience.


In many ways I enjoyed TF 2013 more than the last three.
The Carrington once again proved herself a great venue for us .
Delightful to have some new Girls attending and of course lovely to meet all those friends from previous TF's.

After this TF weekend, my third, I can safely say that this event keeps getting better and better.
The growing range of activities surrounding the Transformal evening, which offer lots of little spaces to chat informally with others and make new friends, have just about become the main event.
Many thanks to Amanda and everyone else who combined forces to make all this happen.