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Ticketing Help


What ticket should I buy?

Looking for the best TransFormal experience?

Come for the weekend. The Saturday formal is fun, but the weekend is fantastic. Grab a 3 DAY WEEKEND ticket for non-stop fun from Friday lunch time to Sunday evening.

You are still very much in the closet - not confident yet in public
We suggest you stay in the Carrington Hotel - preferably in TransFormal Central - where the other guests can help you overcome those first time nerves.
Take a 2 DAY WEEKEND  ticket and then go for the value accommodation add-on. But be quick as the value accommodation sells out in the first few weeks. You will never again feel you are in a closed closet!

It's your first TransFormal and you are very short of funds?
We suggest you take the sampler - get a FORMAL ticket and just stay Saturday night and perhaps somewhere economical like The Metropole. We are sure you will start saving and come back for the full weekend next year!

You have been to TransFormal before - and are looking for more of the same
We suggest you extend your stay - take the rush out of your weekend. Look at the exciting new activities on Friday including the Reception, and the explanding Sunday program. Good excuses to make it a long weekend! Either choose a 2 DAY WEEKEND ticket or a  3 DAY WEEKEND ticket.

You are traveling interstate or have a long journey
Stay for at least Friday and Saturday night - and perhaps consider Sunday night so you don't have to rush away. A 3 DAY WEEKEND ticket once again is your passport to making the most of TransFormal.


Paying for your tickets

You can pay for TransFormal tickets in a number of ways through this web site

  • By Credit Card (select the PayPal option - it is NOT necessary to have or to create a PayPal account for this secure payment method)
  • By PayPal Funds
  • By Direct Bank Transfer to our bank account

TransFormal Terms & Conditions

There is no right to a refund if you cancel a TransFormal ticket.
Any refunds are entirely at the discretion of the organisers.

In the unlikely occurance that the event is cancelled all payments will be refunded less any monies withheld by the venue

Damages to the Carrington Hotel:
You are responsible and liable for any damages to the venue, hotel equipment, or any part of the hotel property.
You undertake to pay in full any outstanding monies owed to the hotel (including payment for any damages) upon departure.

Right of admission:
TransFormal is a private event. Unacceptable behaviour or inappropriate dress will not be tolerated. If you are in doubt as to what is acceptable or appropriate then you are advised to discuss this beforehand with the event organiser. If you are requested to leave by the venue management then there will be no re-admission, nor will any refunds be given.


TransFormal respects the need of some of the attendees for confidentiality but recognizes that at an event such as this many photographs will be taken.

Attendees who do not wish to be photographed must request a "No Photos" sticker from on arrival at the Dinner/Dance and attach it so that it will be visible to prospective photographers. However, this in itself is not a guarantee that other attendees will not photograph them.

If you are wearing a sticker, official  event photographers will respect your wishes. Your photo will not appear in any  transFormal-produced material. If you are not wearing a sticker, your photo may appear in on TransFormal related web pages.

TransFormal asks that attendees also respect the wishes of their fellow attendees, but cannot enforce this policy upon them.
Please consider those appearing in the background of your photos as well as your subjects.

At some events and activities where a group photograph is provided this will be taken by an official event photographer. This avoids everyone standing round whilst the same picture is taken with 20 or more cameras!

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