Sunday: Perfect Pool

Sunday night saw the third annual Perfect Pool Competition being held in the historic Carrington Hotel.

Sixteen gorgeous girls lined up for the chance to win the coveted trophy, kept on display to the public in the Billiards Room.
After a blind draw which mixed up the pool sharks and virgins, eight teams were announced. When betting was opened the clear favourite was team Karron/Caroline. Karron's proven talent (she was a 2017 cup winner) and Caroline's extended table reach promised to be a formidable combination.

As the teams took to the table for the elimination round it became clear that any talent at pool had been diluted by a weekend of dancing, drinking and chatting.
This gave a window of opportunity to the virgins who, with occasional encouragement from the umpire, delivered stellar performances, often managing to avoid pocketing the cue ball.

Four teams advanced to the semi-finals. The imminent closure of the bar, and the arrival of platters of delicious desert canapes, only ratcheted the tension up further. The pressure took a toll on the teams as they sought out increasingly creative ways to pocket the cue ball. Reneece discovered that sledging the umpire was not a good move and dragged her team out of the competition. This left team Lisa/Megan to put up a valiant defence against the competition favourites. Even the sympathetic assistance of the umpire was not enough to save them from a well-deserved 3rd place.

The fast paced final between team Karron/Caroline and the unseeded Geoff/Martina was closely played. Geoff played the gender card and tried using masculine aggression to get ahead, however he succeeded only in pocketing the cue ball faster. Martina then tried to recover the situation by taking time out to sip her glass of red but to no avail. All appeared lost when she left team Karron/Caroline with an easy winning shot to pocket the 8-ball. Caroline lined up the shot carefully, and with one deft stroke pocketed the black...and the cue ball.

Team Geoff/Martina were therefore declared the winners of the 2018 Perfect Pool Competition and were magnanimously presented with the cup by the retiring champion Karron.
Congratulations were extended to all the competitors for providing such an enjoyable evening's entertainment. The umpire then retired to finish her Toblerone cocktail.

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